Shocking report… 32 Million cases of child sexual exploitation on the internet

A new international report has warned of a doubling of the volume of materials related to child sexual exploitation on the internet in the past four years, reaching 32 million cases worldwide.

The British news agency “B.A. Media” reported that the new figures were released by the international group “WeProtect Alliance,” showing an 87% increase in the number of reported cases to more than 32 million worldwide.

The group warned that the number of self-generated sexually explicit images involving children aged 7 to 10 has increased by over four times between 2020 and 2022, with artificial intelligence now being used to create materials related to child sexual exploitation.

The report revealed that conversations with children on social gaming platforms can escalate to grooming in extreme cases within 19 seconds, with an average time of 45 minutes.

The report also showed a significant increase in financial sexual extortion, as the number of reported cases rose from 139 cases in 2021 to over 10,000 cases in 2022.

According to the report, these cases involve offenders coercing children to share sexual images and videos of themselves and then blackmailing them for financial gain.

It noted that a significant number of offenders target young girls who often interact with males aged 15 to 17 through social media, leading to a tragic series of child suicide cases.

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