“Simple” Reasons Hindering Stubborn Belly Fat Loss

Many people desire to rid themselves of excess fat in the abdominal area, with some following strict diets while others diligently exercise for hours daily in pursuit of a flat stomach.

However, in an interview for the “Daily CEO Diaries” podcast, Dr. Andy Galpin, a professor of kinesiology at California State University, revealed four reasons that prevent individuals from losing stubborn belly fat.

Dr. Galpin stated that the primary issue is a lack of adherence to the exercise program and diet, emphasizing that commitment plays a major role in achieving sustainable results.

He also affirmed that following a balanced diet with a specific focus on protein effectively maintains muscle mass in the body and enhances fat burning, which many overlook.

The expert called for identifying personal incentives that drive individuals to achieve their goals and stressed the importance of finding a diet that suits each person’s individual needs.

Dr. Galpin also cautioned against engaging in strength training before endurance training, noting that this approach could worsen a person’s endurance capacity, negatively impacting their performance during exercises, and consequently, fat loss.

Lastly, Dr. Galpin emphasized the importance of identifying personal incentives and practicing exercises correctly to achieve the best results in losing stubborn belly fat.

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