Spicy Chip Kills Teenager

An autopsy revealed that a 14-year-old American teenager died after eating an extremely spicy chip as part of a controversial challenge he was participating in.

Harris Wolobah, a resident of Massachusetts in the northeastern United States, suffered a “cardiac arrest” due to consuming a food item containing a large amount of capsaicin, according to the autopsy report, as reported by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

Capsaicin is an active component in chili peppers that causes a burning sensation when consumed.

Local media reported that the teenager died on September 1, 2023, after attempting the “One Chip Challenge,” a controversial challenge where participants eat this highly spiced chip and refrain from drinking water for as long as possible.

The product in question contains Carolina Reaper pepper, the hottest pepper in the world according to the Guinness World Records. The chip is sold in a bag placed inside a coffin-shaped box adorned with a skull. The manufacturer of these chips pulled the product from the market following Harris’s death.

The autopsy report indicated that the young boy had a cardiovascular condition, which might have been a factor in his death.

Local media also mentioned cases of other teenagers who fell ill or were hospitalized after consuming these chips, particularly in California and Minnesota.

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