Study: Know Your Personality Based on Your Coffee Choice

Coffee is an integral part of many people’s lives, serving as their “daily sacred ritual.” But did you know that the type of coffee someone chooses can reveal a lot about their personality?

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail,” a study conducted on coffee lovers in the United Kingdom found that a person’s personality can be determined by the type of coffee they prefer.

The study, conducted by a famous fast-food chain in Britain, included more than two thousand individuals.

Know Your Personality Based on Your Coffee Choice

If you enjoy flavored coffee, your personality tells us that you are a happy person who enjoys entertainment. If you love iced coffee, your personality suggests that you are a life-loving and adventurous individual. If you prefer double espresso, you likely enjoy traveling and reading. Espresso lovers are often holders of specific academic degrees. Fans of “flat white” consider themselves sincere and trustworthy, while “mocha” enthusiasts are deemed more attractive. If you’re a fan of “latte,” you enjoy bringing happiness to people. If you love “cappuccino,” you are content with life.

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