Study – Your sleep quality could reveal the moment of your death

According to a study published last August, your sleep could reveal the moment of your death. Waking up briefly several times a night without remembering it would, for example, be a bad sign.

Waking up several times during the night, for less than a minute and without remembering it the next day, would be the most powerful predictor of an imminent death, according to the study carried out by American researchers from the Stanford University. This type of awakening has nothing to do with that of a person who is aware of not sleeping, as for insomniacs for example. If researchers have succeeded in establishing the link between these awakenings and mortality, they are however not yet able to explain it.

12,000 studies on how to sleep were analyzed. The study focuses in particular on the movements of the chin and legs, breathing and heart rate. The goal was to develop a system to determine what a person’s night normally looks like at a given age. The sleep variations most linked to mortality were identified thanks to the machine learning. Thus, researchers called this estimate of a person’s age from studying their sleep and health, the “sleep age”.

You can improve the quality of your sleep

The sleep characteristics of dozens of 55-year-olds have also been analyzed by scientists. Then an average was taken. An individual of this age who sleeps soundly through the night and has good quality REM sleep, for example, would have a sleep of 45 years. Then, to know if death is near, they made the difference between the chronological age, the normal age and the age of sleep. If this second is high, it is a sign of poor health.

However, beware of hasty conclusions. Just because the sleeping age is higher than the actual age doesn’t mean you’re going to die soon or prematurely. Sleep age can always be improved. For example, you just need to follow a healthy lifestyle, wake up at the same time every day, or expose yourself to natural light during the day.

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