Sudanese army resorts to drones to halt Rapid Support Forces’ advance


The Rapid Support Forces accuse Sudanese forces of shelling diplomatic missions and international organizations’ headquarters in Khartoum, citing extensive damage to the Ethiopian embassy building.

The Sudanese army seeks to halt its battlefield defeats against the advancing Rapid Support Forces in the capital Khartoum by intensively using drones seemingly obtained from countries supportive of the political Islamist movement, similar to Turkey. However, these attempts appear to be failing as the Rapid Support Forces have become more capable of managing the battles.

Media sources reported that drones affiliated with the army targeted Rapid Support positions in the eastern Nile area. where smoke rose around the location. The Rapid Support Forces claimed that the shelling targeted vital institutions .and diplomatic missions’ headquarters in addition to vital establishments.

Furthermore, a drone affiliated with the Rapid Support Forces targeted positions in the Arab Market area in central Khartoum .and the Riyadh area in the east of the capital. Sudanese forces also targeted a gathering of Rapid Support Forces at the Jili Oil Refinery Gate in northern Khartoum Bahri.

Clashes erupted around the army headquarters in the center of Nyala city in Darfur province. The city of Zalingei in Central Darfur witnessed fierce clashes as well.

In a tweet on Twitter, the Rapid Support Forces said. “This morning, the militias of Al-Burhan and the remnants of the former terrorist regime bombed the Ethiopian embassy building in Al-Amarat area, Khartoum, causing massive destruction.”

The Rapid Support Forces condemned “these barbaric acts repeatedly carried out by Al-Burhan’s militias by targeting vital facilities in the country. including the headquarters of diplomatic missions and international organizations.”

They emphasized that “there is no description for the systematic destruction operations carried out by the extremist militias during the three decades that ruled the country. which led to Sudan being listed as a state sponsor of terrorism.”

They stressed that “uprooting the remnants of the old regime is the only way to achieve security and stability in Sudan and the entire region. paving the way for building a new Sudan based on just foundations, restoring democratic governance, ending injustice against the Sudanese people, and establishing a unified national army.”

Reportedly, the Sudanese army is using Turkish drones obtained in previous deals, as Ankara supports Islamist factions in the region and Sudan’s Burhan militarily. in an attempt to preserve its interests.

The visit of the army’s chief to Turkey last month .and his meeting with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan served as evidence of the support that Sudanese forces have received. with Burhan describing the visit as successful.

The Rapid Support Forces accuse Sudanese forces of targeting vital facilities. sovereignty headquarters. and diplomatic missions’ headquarters as part of their plan to establish a war government with Port Sudan as its capital.

Since the outbreak of the conflicts primarily centered in Khartoum. and Darfur province in the west, approximately 7,500 people, including at least 435 children. have been killed, according to the non-governmental organization ACLED and the United Nations. This toll is estimated to be much lower than the actual number of casualties in the conflict.

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