Television Presenter and Friend Killed, Their Bodies Disappeared 

Australian authorities have charged one of their members with the murder of a television presenter and his friend, who was also a flight steward.

Police have not yet been able to locate the bodies of the two presumed victims.

Details of the case date back a week, when blood-stained clothing was found in a garbage bin on the outskirts of Sydney by chance; these clothes led investigators to the home of presenter Jesse Bird (26 years old).

Following the inspection of the presenter’s home located south of Sydney, police found a “large quantity of blood”, also raising suspicions about his friend Luke Davies (29 years old), who was also a flight steward.

Police also found a bullet in the presenter’s house matching a weapon held by the police, which had been found in a safe in a police station.

It is suspected that the accused police officer had a relationship with Bird until recently. The officer was arrested after suspicion arose.

Assistant Commissioner Danny Doherty said, “He has been charged with two counts of murder,” adding that authorities are currently focusing on searching for the two missing men.

He emphasized that it was “very important to find the bodies, not only to determine the cause of death, but also to provide answers to the families of the victims”.

Police suspect that the accused transported the two bodies in a white truck before disposing of them.

Australian media clarified that the suspect was a blogger specializing in celebrity news, appearing in some photos with Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus before joining the police.

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