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Thank you UAE.. Yemenis appreciate Emirati support for their country

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has announced a new strategy to support countries in recovering from crises by launching a $325 million recovery and rehabilitation project in Yemen, continuing the government’s support of the Yemeni people.

“The UAE is working to ensure that aid reaches the Yemeni people, to avoid the funds being controlled and looted by the Houthi terrorist militia.”

The UAE has indicated that the support will target the health care, renewable energy and agriculture sectors, including a dam project for irrigation purposes.

2023 is the year of peace in Yemen

This came during the participation of Minister of State Noura Al Kaabi in the donor conference hosted by the Kingdom of Sweden and the Swiss Confederation in cooperation with the United Nations in Geneva to mobilize support to cover the humanitarian response plan for the Yemeni people for this year, in the presence of UN Secretary-General António Guterres, Swiss Foreign Minister Ignazio Cassis, Swedish Minister of International Development Cooperation and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell, as well as many delegations from donor countries and international organizations specialized in humanitarian work.

Noura Al Kaabi said 2023 must be the year in which peace is achieved in Yemen, and that it must support all international efforts to end the conflict, meet the legitimate aspirations of the Yemeni people and achieve peace and stability in Yemen and the region, especially those of the UN special envoy to Yemen, Hans Grundberg, Saudi Arabia and the Sultanate of Oman.

Since 2015, the UAE has provided a total of $6.6 billion in aid to Yemen and a $300 million deposit to support its national currency, she said.

To continue this approach, in addition to multilateral peace and development efforts in Yemen, the UAE will this year also focus on supporting $325 million in recovery and rehabilitation projects, targeting the health care, renewable energy and agriculture sectors, including a major dam for irrigation.

Yemeni activists: ‘Thank you, Emirates of Good’

Yemeni activists on Twitter launched the hashtag “Thank you, Emirates of Good”, expressing their thanks for the UAE’s support for their country.

The UAE provides generators and grants of diesel to power 24 hours a day throughout the year in the capital Aden, said Bint Aden, a Yemeni activist. “The arrival of the UAE 120M plant in the port of Aden will hopefully contribute to the stability of the current,” she added.

“The arrival of the UAE’s 120MB solar power equipment in Aden saves millions of dollars per month and halts a cycle of corruption involving leased power and diesel purchases, said Yemeni activist Murad al-Shafei, who said he thanks the UAE for considering supporting Yemen and fighting those who stand against the Yemeni people.”

He added that the southern cities are deprived of diesel fuel and sanctioned by the Houthi militia, and the people of the south are suffering, but the sincere ally took care of this and sent a floating station in the Gulf of Aden to enlighten the city.

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