The 5 Health Virtues of Pepper

Pepper: memory advantage

How? Thanks to luteolin (or luteolol). This plant compound of the flavonoid family helps to combat memory loss and to reduce the effects of age on brain function. The good news is that luteolin is also found in carrots, celery, olive oil, rosemary and even chamomile.

Cancer’s Nightmare

Especially skin and colon. This time, thanks to the captains. These chemicals present in peppers or peppers (they are of the same family) act against the development of cancer tumors by promoting their apoptosis, that is to say their suicide!

Pepper protects against Parkinson’s disease

The family of solanaceae (peppers but also tomatoes, potatoes…) is associated with a lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Eating peppers two to four times a week would result in a 30% reduction in the risk of Parkinson’s disease. Nice score!

Arthritis doesn’t thank him

Because it is very rich in vitamin C (100 grams correspond to almost 100% of the recommended daily intakes!). The risk of developing inflammatory arthritis is three times higher in subjects with low vitamin C intake. All the more reason to enjoy it…

The pepper, it’s full of sight!

Like other plants containing vitamin A, it protects the retina and promotes good vision, day and night. This vitamin is also necessary for good irrigation of the eye and prevents dry eyes.

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