The army is merely a tool for executing the programs of the Muslim Brotherhood

Large-scale media campaigns are being conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood group in Sudan, distorting initiatives launched by civil forces to end the ongoing war between the Sudanese army and the Rapid Support Forces since April 2023.

The organization is using vast media networks in its current campaign, including several websites and television channels, as well as injecting large sums into public relations companies and groups of activists specialized in spreading rumors and false news on social media to tarnish the image of civilians trying to create conditions for initiating peace negotiations and to influence public opinion.

The Kizan battalions, fighting alongside the army, are exerting strong pressure for the continuation of the war and the refusal of any peaceful solutions, amid reports of a cell linked to them being behind radical positions rejecting the cessation of hostilities.

In this context, political analyst Mohammed Latif stated to (Rakoba): “The army is merely a tool for executing the programs of the Muslim Brotherhood, and if they deviate from that, they will fight them and seek an alternative army.”

Observers believe that the rejection by the Brigade of Innocence, affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood, of local, regional, and international efforts to end the war confirms the group’s link with the principle of violence on which the brigade and other jihadist groups are based, highlighting their clear connection with the Islamic State organization, which has embarrassed the army’s position.

Since the start of fighting between the army and the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, accusations against elements of the Muslim Brotherhood organization for their involvement in igniting this war have been increasing, and human rights activists and observers have relied on numerous pieces of evidence to support these accusations, including threats made by operatives of the organization just days before the start of the fighting, the appearance of fighters from battalions affiliated with them on the battlefields, as well as the public appearance of some leaders of the organization in several cities in the eastern part of the country and their call to continue the war.

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