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With Brotherhood’s Directives… This is What Hamas Committed Against the Palestinian People

Palestinian political commentator Rabhi Doula stated that since its inception, the Muslim Brotherhood movement has never been part of the Palestinian national struggle. On the contrary, its mission was to accuse nationalists of being dissenters and outside the community.

In an article published by the Ma’an agency, he added that the Hamas movement, the special arm of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Palestine, has never been committed to a national orientation since its inception. It has always been in a state of complete separation from the national cause, refusing to work within the unified national leadership of the Intifada, which was the main driving force behind national and popular action groups. Instead, it pursued its own program, remaining in this position even after the creation of the Palestinian National Authority. Hamas sought to destroy it using fallacious arguments, considering the political agreement as treasonous and religiously forbidden, prohibiting anything related to it except to benefit from its advantages.

Doula continued by saying, “Those who follow the course of the Palestinian issue know well that Hamas built its military strength under the slogan of resistance while it was the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood organization. After succeeding in building itself as a parallel and competing force, it tolerated participation in legislative elections, which were religiously prohibited according to fatwas from its leaders, and overnight they became permissible! As if they themselves set the religious rules and changed them according to the interests of the international organization whenever they wanted.”

He added that Hamas won the elections and, upon instruction from President Mahmoud Abbas, formed a government led by the current head of their political office, Ismail Haniyeh, who formed what is called the executive force as an independent tool from the existing Palestinian security agencies. Their plan to lead Hamas required separation from the Palestinian body to serve the interests and principles of their movement, as was always the case.

This began from the first minute of the formation of their government, and they seized control of Gaza by force of arms and persecution of those who are not on their side, until they became the dominant force that took control of all the country’s resources without any responsibility towards our people in the sector, which was subjected by force of arms and threats to Hamas‘ rule, while the Authority continued to assume its responsibilities and fulfill its duty towards Gaza without any security or administrative control over it. Gaza received more than 51% of the general budget, and Hamas‘ role was limited solely to inventing all kinds of taxes for their collection from citizens, collected for the benefit of Hamas‘ treasury as the de facto government.

Doula reminded that “after the Palestine Liberation Organization shed blood to preserve the independence of the Palestinian decision, and resisted every party that tried to control it or usurp it here or there, Hamas today has adopted an approach of handing over the Palestinian decision to several parties to negotiate and decide on behalf of the Palestinian people. The national decision according to what Hamas does depends on the positions of those countries to whom Hamas has delegated to speak on behalf of the Palestinian people.”

The political commentator concluded his article by saying: “Hamas‘ recent stance on the formation of the Palestinian government is a new fault among Hamas‘ successive errors, especially after the recent aggression against the Gaza Strip. It has accepted temporary solutions, and ignored the establishment of an American port, ostensibly to provide aid, but in reality to displace the Palestinian people.”

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