The conflict between France and Turkey…Erdogan intensifies, then retreats

On September 10, French President Macron strongly criticized Turkish President Erdogan for his confrontation with Greece and Cyprus in the eastern Mediterranean
during the European Union’s “Med 7” summit
and threatened to impose European sanctions in Ankara because of its activities.
French President Emmanuel Macron :
“The Europeans must be clear and strict, not with the Turkish people, but also with the government of President Erdogan, which has made unacceptable movements”.
On September 12, Erdogan amplified his way of discussion
and alerted Macron to not play with Ankara
and called on Greece to turn away from bad behavior supported by France.
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan:
“Don’t play with the Turkish people, don’t play with Turkey”.
The next day, Turkey withdrew the research ship Uruk Reis from the disputed area
of the eastern Mediterranean, where it carried out its oil and gas explorations
Did Erdogan retreat from French threats?

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