The conflict is raging – The Muslim Brotherhood’s front fires after the escalation of its internal crises 

The crisis of the worsening conflict within the Muslim Brotherhood is still raging, as the Istanbul Front led by Mahmoud Hussein and the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood issued a new statement confirming a number of decisions taken by the Istanbul Group in the past period, foremost among them the appointment of Hussein as acting leader to succeed Ibrahim Munir who died last November 4.

Crises Worsen

This new statement is proof that the crises within the group are greatly worsening. It is another attempt by Hussein to settle the conflict once and for all in his favor, and to marginalize the London Front once and for all or to drive it out of the struggle for influence and power within the organization.

The organization is over

Mokhtar Nouh, the intellectual and leading Muslim Brotherhood defector, says: The Muslim Brotherhood terrorist organization is over, and four organizations are competing for positions now. These conflicts started to flare up within the ranks of the terrorist group after the death of Ibrahim Munir, deputy general guide of the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group, especially between the Istanbul and London fronts. He added that what Mahmoud Hussein is doing now is punishing the London group, and asking it to give up and submit unconditionally.

The Brotherhood dissident leader added that the real split in the ranks of the terrorist group is Mahmoud Hussein, and that there is a deep crisis experienced by the Istanbul front and what he is doing at the moment confirms the state of unrest experienced by that terrorist group on an ongoing basis. In addition, this group has suffered greatly, especially after the death of Ibrahim Munir, because the group is currently receiving foreign funding, especially from England, after the crises it experienced in Qatar and Turkey in the past, pointing out that the conflict between the Brotherhood fronts is a struggle of positions, business, interests and foreign intelligence service.

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