The continuous support of Qatar to the terrorist group, Hezbollah

Qatar, which does not hesitate de support terrorism
its tricks the world via the aid path and conduits its funds to Hezbollah
In fact, its exploited its relationship with the Lebanese people and promoted its aid and its false charity campaigns
and its sent two planes belonging to the Qatari forces to Beirut
equipped with field hospitals
to provide support to the Lebanese government in its fight against Corona,
according the Qatari media,
While these planes were not directed to the Lebanese people
but they were sent to help Hezbollah
and these aid is transported to parties affiliated with the terrorist party
besides, US “Fox News” previously revealed
that the Qatari regime had financed collections of weapons for Hezbollah
This is considered as an extension of the role played by Qatar since 2017
in the context of the big terrorist financing plan

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