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US official: Pompeo visit to Saudi Arabia would focus on the strong US relations

Senior State Department officials reported on Friday that the top US diplomat will visit the Gulf region, including Saudi Arabia and the UAE, to affirm again the strong continuing relations.

Indeed, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will be making what could be one of his final outside visits since President-elect Joe Biden seems directed to the White House on Jan. 20, 2021.

During a call with reporters on Friday, one State Department official declared that Pompeo will meet in Saudi Arabia with Crown Prince Mohammed ben Salman to discuss efforts to promote better regional security and stability. Pompeo will also express the backing for Saudi Arabia’s progress in transforming its economy as well as the Vision 2030 plan.

The US official also said: He [Pompeo] will reaffirm a relationship that has constantly grown deeper since the [historic] meeting between King Abdulaziz and President Roosevelt … 75 years ago. It’s expected that Pompeo is visiting the United Arab Emirates, before the Saudi Arabia.

The US State Department official stated: Because the UAE is an important friend and partner, we will do everything we can to help it counter the Iranian regime. This includes the proposed sale of $23 billion worth of fighter jets, aerial systems and more.

The United States and UAE have enjoyed a very strong bilateral relationship for a very long time.

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