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The first Qatar-Egypt flight would depart from Doha

On Monday, the first Qatar-Egypt flight since the cut of the two Arab countries ties in 2017 took off from Doha, making the lives of the thousands of Egyptian residents of the Gulf nation easier.

In June 2017, Egypt joined Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain in the decision of stopping relations with Qatar, with the accusation that Qatar is too close to Iran and it support extremists, while Doha denies that.

Moreover, at a Gulf summit on January 5 in Saudi Arabia, the quartet decided to stop the gap after a diplomatic activity by departing US President Donald Trump’s administration.

According to statistics, many 300,000 Egyptians consider Qatar as their home, however many could not travel to home during the crisis. Moreover, in May 2020, unsatisfied Egyptians protested outside the complex that containing Egypt’s then-empty embassy.

After the protest, 18 repatriation flights left through neutral Oman to obey with Cairo’s prohibition on direct air traffic. It should indicate that the first commercial flight between Qatar and Egypt in three and a half years, an Egypt Air service to Cairo, took off from Doha airport.

It’s expected that a Qatar Airways plane would make the trip to Cairo later Monday. Otheriwse, Mustafa Ahmed, 38, an Egyptian technical engineer, stated: We are very happy, and he informed AFP: With direct flights, life will be easier, especially for families and children, avoiding the torment of changing airports and planes and waiting for hours for transit flights.

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