The Gulf deal in 2020…Doubts about Qatar’s credibility

In recent days, the Gulf crisis has returned to the political scene
after the statement published by Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Al-Nasser
in which he said that Kushner had had discussions during the last period to resolve the Gulf crisis
however there are many questions and a great controversy about this subject
especially because of two sides of Qatar
this is currently very clear in Qatar’s welcome declaration to the Gulf deal
while Qatari Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani
expressed satisfaction about these pertinent discussions
and at the same time, the Doha regime is pushing its media to incite the Arab Quartet
After these statements, social media
and political circles have talked a lot about these steps
on the Gulf deal with exchange of serious commitments from Qatar
and obstacles that it might encounter on its way
the first is the focus on the difficulty of reestablishing confidence between the Arab Quartet and Qatar as a crisis of confidence
and Doha’s continued failure in its promises
besides to continuing to attack the Arab Quartet by Al-Jazeera and newspapers
it also angered Qatari guarantees and their surveillance
as well as the need for Doha to be under Gulf control in the coming period
and all his actions would be taken into consideration
especially for its previous position in the 2014 crisis and the withdrawal of ambassadors
Despite all this, the current crisis is in fact far from what happened in 2014
since the Gulf Treaty needs serious efforts on the part of Qatar
and honest commitments this time, and real commitments

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