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Yemeni vice president discuss the Houthi group’s inclusion in the lists of terrorism

The local news agency reported that the Yemeni vice president affirmed on Sunday the importance of expediting the Houthi group’s insertion in the lists of terrorism.

He stressed that the criminal approach of the coup militias put the international community in front of a big responsibility to achieve its global decisions and pressure the militias and their financiers in Tehran.

According to the Yemeni News Agency, during his gathering with US Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs David Schenker, and the US ambassador to Yemen, he related that the Houthi approach puts the international community in charge of responding to popular, political and legal demands to criminalize the group and quickly include it on terrorist lists.

The Yemeni vice president indicated the continuous escalation of the Houthi coup militia, their deficit of commitment to the Stockholm understandings, their exploitation in military escalation, the amplifying of their ballistic assaults and drones on Yemeni cities and brothers in the Kingdom, and the commit of crimes, and their disobedience and no respect for the international community and its decisions.

The complexity of the military scene

The Yemeni vice president also said: The Houthis, with the support of Iran, are compounding the military and political scene and exacerbating the human suffering of Yemenis. He also noted that the government’s priorities are to make an effort to accelerate the Riyadh Agreement’s implementation to unify the Yemenis ranks, indicating that the Yemenis don’t accept the Iranian experience or the experience of Hezbollah in Yemen.

On his part, the US Assistant Secretary of State repeated his country’s support for the legitimate government and its readiness to strengthen different areas of collaboration, including the combating terrorism field and the US government’s back for UN envoy’s efforts Martin Griffiths to make peace. He also noted his country’s appreciation and calling to complete the Riyadh deal’s remainder to unite the Yemenis.

Terrorist organization

In fact, this has happened when American sources informed the Washington Post that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo may declare, later this week, the Houthi militia as a terrorist organization. According to the same sources, Pompeo is concluding the Iranian-backed group’s designation as a foreign terrorist organization.

The Washington Post declared that the Houthi militia’s declaration as a terrorist group comes within the maximum pressure policy framework that President Donald Trump’s administration remains to follow in dealing with the Iranian regime.

Otherwise, the US National Security Adviser, Robert O’Brien, declared a week ago that the US options are open to deal with the Houthi militia in Yemen, calling on Al-Houthi to stay away from Iran and stop attacking neighboring countries.

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