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The Houthis deliberately obstructed the UN truce.. Why?

Despite the fact that the truce has not yet been extended, Hans Grundberg, the United Nations special envoy to Yemen, praised the position of the legitimate government in dealing with the proposals to expand the truce and its articles, expressing his regret that no agreement was reached today, as the extended and extended truce would provide additional important benefits to the population, in addition to the feeling of a minimum of security after years of wars and daily clashes.

Obstructing the truce 

For his part, Yemeni Foreign Minister Ahmed Bin Mubarak said that the Houthi militias refused to extend the truce for their own interests despite the concessions made by the government. He pointed out that the Houthis violated the truce and caused dozens of civilian casualties in the previous days, stressing that the concessions made by the Yemeni government to extend the truce were for the benefit of the Yemeni people, adding that the government made all efforts and spared no effort to extend the truce and alleviate the suffering of the Yemeni people.

Bin Mubarak said the Houthi intransigence undermined efforts to extend the truce, and that the Houthis did not advance the interests of the Yemeni people as efforts approached to achieve a breakthrough obstructed by the Houthis. He explained that the Houthis collected more than 200 billion Yemeni riyals ($800 million) during the truce, did not abide by the terms of the truce, and refused to open roads or lift the siege on civilians in various places in Yemen, especially Taiz.

Instrument of war

Abdullah al-Alimi, a member of the Presidential Command Council, said, “The Houthi coup militia treated the humanitarian truce as a political battle and an opportunity for blackmail, and presented Iran’s interests to the interests of the Yemeni people.” He pointed out that the Houthi militias presented themselves as an external tool that puts Iranian interests above the considerations of the Yemeni people.

Political analyst Madin Muqbas blamed the Houthi militias for the continuation of the war and the loss of Yemeni lives, after they refused to extend the ‎ truce. He also said that the militias’ refusal to extend the truce put them in a narrow corner and exposed them before the Yemeni people and the international community as a tool of war, and that they are militias that feed on wars and can only continue to survive without the continuation of conflicts. He praised the positive response shown by the Yemeni ‎ government in its statement along with the international community’s calls for the extension of the UN truce and dealing with regional and international efforts and the position ‎ the truce.

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