The Iraqi brotherhood

The Iraqi brotherhood.. Iranian agents

The Iraqi Islamic Party
had its first origins in the 1940s
He could not play a key role in Iraqi politics
and did not play a fundamental role in the government of Iraq after the collapse of Saddam’s regime
This is due to the domination of the Shiite parties which have close ties with Iran
on the rules of the state and their control on the post of Prime Minister
that made the role of brothers a secondary role
and to keep a share of the power and the benefits that it brings
the Islamic party has concluded an alliance with the Shiite parties
and engaged in the Iranian project which aims to expand and reinforce the influence in the country
and coming to dominance on Iraqi political, economic and security decisions
Iran has made wide relations with the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood in Iraq
while their visits to Tehran
and their meetings with Iranian officials in Baghdad never stop,
despite the fact that the Islamic party has lost its popularity
and should not recuperate an important role in the power of Iraq

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