The journey of the Brotherhood from Sudan and Chad towards Niger to join the ranks of Al-Qaeda and ISIS 

Elements of the Brotherhood group are seeking to go to Niger to join the ranks of Al-Qaeda and ISIS 

The terrorist Brotherhood group is moving towards the inflamed regions, igniting the African region with terrorism directly emanating from a group that has been founded nearly 95 years ago, targeting human minds to spread extremism and terrorism.

The beginning was in Sudan, where the Brotherhood did not suffice with what they did in igniting the flames of discord between the army and the Rapid Support Forces. They continued their movements aimed at fueling the conflict, and movements of fugitive Brotherhood leaders were observed, aiming to complicate the situation, including those who decided to flee to Chad.

Sudan as a Transit Point

In the past, the escaping Brotherhood members from Egypt went through several stations following the dispersal of the Rabaa sit-in, which was classified as one of the most dangerous sit-ins due to the presence of weapons among those present within its perimeter. The members of the group fled to Sudan as a transit point to travel to Turkey.

Sudan’s role was to receive the fleeing Brotherhood members and send them to Turkey. With time, the group moved towards Chad due to the war in Sudan. Towards Joining ISIS and Al-Qaeda

Special sources say that the escalation of events in Niger and the country’s entry into a state of military coup led to the movement of a number of Brotherhood members towards Niger, especially in the border area with Mali, to seek joining major terrorist groups such as ISIS and Al-Qaeda.

The sources also confirmed that the Brotherhood uses media platforms within the fronts due to the good communication points possessed by the members of the group.

The sources also affirmed that the Brotherhood was present in Chad due to its incomplete satellite coverage of their movements, which the group took advantage of to move towards Niger.

The sources reported that members of the group have joined terrorist groups in Africa, including the Nusrat al-Islam wal Muslimeen group, which is one of the most dangerous terrorist organizations in the Sahel and desert region, as it encompasses the largest allegiance to Al-Qaeda. The group’s joining came due to their military experience, especially since the terrorist Brotherhood participated in numerous terrorist operations.

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