The lame duck…that’s the argument of Erdogan to discharge his opponents

Turkish opposition newspaper Cumhuriyet
reported that the ruling party was trying to withdraw the parliamentary immunity of Ozgur Özel,
the spokesperson for the Republican People’s Party (CHP)
and deputy leader of its representative bloc in parliament.
2019, during the Istanbul elections
which were got by CHP candidate Akram Imamoglu
Erdogan declared:
“the majority is for us…and they have become like a lame duck”
referring to the Republican people
and Ozgur Ozul replied
“If there is a lame duck in Turkey, it is Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who, despite taking over the presidency, now he does not have the majority”
and after the ruling party asked to withdraw Özel’s parliamentary immunity
Özel called for a more thorough investigation of Erdogan for insulting Turkish mayors
And he said :
“The regime in power wants to terrorize the representatives of the opposition in Parliament with such behavior”
and here it is Erdogan, the authoritarian, as already we have known him
who is simply looking for a reason to discharge his opponents

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