The Muslim Brotherhood and Al-Burhan lose the battle… The Army is in Turmoil

Dr. Ibrahim Mukhair, a member of the advisory office of the leader of the Rapid Support Forces, Mohamed Hamdan DagaloHemeti,” stated that Abdel Fattah al-Burhan is suffering from a loss of contact with many sectors of the Sudanese army, and that his forces are isolated in various areas, unable to obtain necessary supplies, which has led his soldiers to eat cats and reptiles and to loot citizens’ crops and properties, noting that many of them are surrendering.

In a press statement to Al-Rakoba, Mukhair pointed out that after losing the battle on the ground, Al-Burhan and the Muslim Brotherhood have turned to a media war against the Rapid Support Forces, highlighting the deterioration of the Sudanese army’s leadership in its attempts to tarnish the image of the Rapid Support Forces.

Mukhair called on the Sudanese people not to get involved with the Sudanese Armed Forces, asserting that victory is near and that Al-Burhan‘s army and the Islamic movement are collapsing, advising them not to risk their lives in this battle.

According to sources cited by the Sudanese newspaper Al-Taghyeer, the Sudanese army is in turmoil, with disagreements between its leaders, supporters of the Islamic movement and opponents, intensifying, especially after several of them were dismissed and removed from leadership positions within the Armed Forces.

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