US Envoy: Presence of Muslim Brotherhood a Concern in Sudan

US Special Envoy to Sudan Tom Perriello stated that the presence of the Muslim Brotherhood is a source of concern for both his country and the Sudanese people.

In a press statement reported by the (Al-Khaleej) website, Perriello emphasized that the US is working with the Sudanese as partners, not with the military or the Islamic movement. He highlighted that their primary goals are to end the war, deliver humanitarian aid, and prevent any backdoor return of the previous regime and the Islamists to power.

He noted that achieving these goals involves a comprehensive process led by the Sudanese, through which they will determine the future of their country.

Perriello stressed the continuation of using sanctions to stop the war, revealing that no date has been set for the next round of negotiations in Jeddah. He pointed out that his meetings with Sudanese people in several countries are part of the negotiation process.

The US Special Envoy to Sudan explained that the upcoming round of negotiations will include everything agreed upon in the previous negotiation rounds in Jeddah, Manama, and Cairo. He emphasized that the decision to stop the war cannot be left to the two generals alone, as the war now affects all countries in the region.

Tom Perriello had called on all parties to head to Jeddah to resolve the conflict peacefully and commit to an inclusive democratic transition process.

In a post on his (X) account a few days ago, he stated that he had listened to over 100 Sudanese civilians, who were urgently calling for peace, the delivery of food and medicine, and the protection of civilians. He added that he shares their call for all parties to commit to the Jeddah negotiations and move towards an inclusive democratic transition.

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