The Muslim Brotherhood are the Ones who Ignited the War… (Taqaddum): “The National Congress is an Islamic Fascism”

Rasha Awad, the official spokesperson for the Civil Democratic Forces Coordination (Taqaddum), emphasized the impossibility of bringing together the National Congress and the Muslim Brotherhood with the civil forces to end the Sudanese crisis because the Brotherhood are the ones who ignited the war.

In a statement to the Sudanese newspaper “Altaghyeer”, she added: “We must not give an opportunity to recreate a new version of the National Congress,” stressing that the National Congress (the Kizans) is an “Islamic fascism” that must be dealt with forcefully. 

Awad demanded the necessity of having a project to dismantle the empowerment of the Muslim Brotherhood within the security apparatus, which has been responsible for thwarting the December 2018 revolution, since the dispersal of the sit-in in front of the General Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces until the October 25, 2021 coup.

She clarified that if a trend of Islamists emerges raising the banner of peace, the Civil Democratic Forces Coordination (Taqaddum) can engage in dialogue with them.

She affirmed that the founding conference of the Civil Democratic Forces Coordination (Taqaddum) aims to delegitimize the war and its parties and to establish a democratic civil rule.

On his part, the spokesperson for the Revolutionary Front, Osama Said, said: “The humanitarian aid crisis lies in the restrictions imposed by the de facto government on its delivery and distribution.”

He explained that the recent decision by al-Burhan to ban the entry of aid from Chad portends a food crisis, pointing to the Arab donors’ fear of relief materials being stolen and leaked to military units.

Said called for the necessity of a complete restructuring of the Sudanese state away from patchwork, with the need to address all the problems in the Sudanese state.

He said: “They are arranging for the attendance of 600 people to the Coordination Conference (Taqaddum), which will be held at the end of March, representing all localities, so that the conference becomes a platform for the establishment of the Sudanese state.”

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