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How the Muslim Brotherhood Exploited the Events in Gaza… What’s Iran’s Role?

The Muslim Brotherhood in some Arab countries seeks to exploit the events in Gaza by organizing demonstrations that serve as a message to show that they are still present in the Arab landscape. This is accompanied by the beginning of preparations to reactivate Brotherhood cells in several countries in the region.

Brotherhood leaders and their supporters have insisted on defending the Hamas movement and its political project, as well as its alliance with the Iranian axis through their media and social media platforms, believing that the Iranian regime is capable of bringing them to power in Middle Eastern countries through Brotherhood cells that will be the nucleus of political forces capable of taking control of their countries.

According to an article by writer Hamid Qarmann published by the London-based “Al-Arab” newspaper, after a series of political and organizational crises that affected the Brotherhood in most Arab countries, impacting their political project and popularity in the Arab world in general, they saw in the Hamas movement and the suffering of the Palestinian people in Gaza a “golden opportunity” to reposition themselves on the Arab and regional political map.

Therefore, leaders of the international organization have decided to support Hamas in its current context against occupation, and to exploit the tragic situation of the Palestinian people by riding the waves of popular activism in the Arab political landscape, while intensifying the media discourse directed towards countries in the region to mobilize Arab masses to restore the glow of the Brotherhood‘s project in the region as a preliminary step to reconstituting and revitalizing Brotherhood cells.

Outside the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip, the group sought to seize the opportunity to strengthen ties and ally with the Iranian regime, presenting itself as a model capable of replicating the experiences of movements and factions in the capitals of Iranian influence through its members and leaders. Today, the Brotherhood needs a political and religious orientation that gives them a new political momentum, especially after the failure of their alliance with the Turks to access power in countries in the region, such as Egypt and Tunisia. The Turks did not allow the Brotherhood to cross the lines they drew for them, which hindered and affected the Brotherhood‘s political projects. In contrast, movements and factions orbiting in the Iranian sphere have succeeded in seizing power and authority through the agendas of the Mullahs’ regime in the region.

The convergence of interests between the Iranian regime in pursuing its expansion project in the Middle East and the aspiration of the Brotherhood to access power in some Arab countries today heralds an imminent danger if the group continues to bet on the Tehran regime as a bridge to power and authority, requiring a firm Arab position to thwart the designs of both parties.

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