The Muslim Brotherhood’s Plans to Topple Sudan in the Quagmire of Chaos

One of the key features of the Muslim Brotherhood as a trans-border terrorist group is their direct exploitation of any chaos and war in any Arab country to hurl arbitrary accusations, fabricate lies, and spread rumors, in addition to being an extremist movement that opposes anything that serves people and benefits them.

Currently in Sudan, a war has devastated crops and families, with a painful scene of suffering experienced by millions of people there, resulting from intensifying fighting, insecurity, and the spread of epidemics. However, the Muslim Brotherhood and those known in Sudan as “Kizan” live in a completely parallel world, a world whose only concern is to insult others, curse supporters, and attack rescuers.

Hurling arbitrary accusations against the United Arab Emirates by some affiliated with official Sudanese bodies is a hypocritical and disgusting method, certainly aimed at reproducing crises and absolving responsibility from those individuals and the entities they represent.

It is important to note that the relationship of the United Arab Emirates as a leading country, known for its humanitarian positions towards the brotherly Sudanese people, is a historical relationship in all circumstances, and that these empty quarrels will not prevent Emirati action with its partners, friends, and brothers, to find an urgent political solution that preserves Sudan and its stability.

It may be logical that the Emirates represent a frightening threat to all Muslim Brotherhood groups with their various aspirations and agendas, because the reason is known. The Emirates declared war years ago on this rogue militia, and they wanted and want to purify the regional and global atmosphere from the danger of their contamination for human thought and life as well as for countries.

And because the Muslim Brotherhood now sees that the war in Sudan is not only a political and military crisis but also a historic opportunity to return to the political scene through governance, even if it leads to the division of the nation originally, they see in the Emirates’ policies aimed at making peace, saving people, and helping the afflicted, a policy hostile to them.

The extremist, gentlemen, hates the moderate, the liar is resentful of the sincere, the failures are hostile to the successful, and the Muslim Brotherhood is an extremist group to which all these characteristics apply, and more, because the Brotherhood in Sudan now exceed their dark history, allying with Al-Qaeda the day they hosted Osama bin Laden, and serving Iran when they handed over the port of Suakin to them, as well as other extreme dangers represented by the leaders of this extremist organization.

And because the Emirates’ strategy towards Sudan and other nations is based on clear and transparent foundations, namely institutional work and fraternal partnership and respect for the sovereignty of states and their interests, the dictionaries of the Muslim Brotherhood are devoid of all these terms, for they are followers of any deviant approach, and they share damage with every opportunist in their respective countries.

And because the media is sometimes filled with fake news today, it is necessary to emphasize that any involvement of any Sudanese government official in accusations without evidence against any country exposes his Brotherhood tendencies on the one hand, and reveals the extent of his exploitation of the crisis in his country to promote his Muslim Brotherhood group project, on the other hand. And because the Emirates have a high immunity against all rumors and lies, we must say: the lie has a very short rope, Muslim Brotherhood.

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