Sudan: Mohammed al-Samani, the Defector, follows the Muslim Brotherhood and calls for arming

He is the nephew of the murderer “Salah Gosh” and is called “Wad Gosh” due to his close relationship with him intellectually and practically. This is evident in his thirst for shedding blood and calling for arming since the early days of the first revolution. Mohammed al-Samani al-Ansarafi, a well-known Sudanese figure, is an agent of the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan. His appearance began after the failed 2012 coup by Gosh against al-Bashir, which was affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood organization.

Al-Samani’s political activity began in university when he joined the Sudanese Communist Party, known for its opposition to the ruling regime in Sudan at present.

Al-Samani was attracted to the party’s ideology opposing colonialism and imperialism, and he quickly rose through the ranks of the party.

The Sudanese separatist has recently emerged as a prominent figure after the violent political and military events witnessed by Sudan between the Rapid Support Forces and the army forces to control the government.

Despite Mohammed al-Samani‘s immense contribution to Sudanese politics and activity, his life has not been devoid of controversy.

The Sudanese separatist, Mohammed al-Samani, is considered an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency and a pawn.

After his father was deported, he stole a Sonata car from his workplace in Parliament, sold it, and traveled to the United States, settling in Iowa and now working as a taxi driver.

Mohammed al-Samani owns an official channel on the YouTube platform, where he publishes all his extreme resentments and ideas that encourage sedition in Sudan.

He continues to mobilize more and more, attributing all disasters that have occurred in the region to the Emirati role.

These media attacks by the Muslim Brotherhood are aimed at compensating for the sense of deficiency they feel towards the UAE, especially after their historic defeat in many Arab stations.

These criticisms have become a “trend” for the Muslim Brotherhood, especially when the state is successful economically and politically.

For example, this practice contributes to making the attack on the UAE part of the usual discourse on social media platforms, but because reality surpasses everything, lies cannot continue indefinitely in the communication space, especially with the increasing public awareness regarding hate groups opposed to the Emirati model, in addition to the strength of Emirati media capable of refuting circulating rumors and lies.

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