Muslim Brotherhood, With the Help of the Sudanese Army, Ignites War

The Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan has not surrendered to the people’s rejection but sought to return to power through all possible means, notably by sowing chaotic unrest that makes the people regret their revolution and wish for the return of dictatorial regimes.

Sudanese researcher Abdul Jalil Suleiman revealed that the Muslim Brotherhood, through its infiltration into state structures, aimed to dismantle its foundation and divide the army. They created numerous militias, armed and funded them by controlling the Sudanese economy.

According to the (Agence France-Presse), the Sudanese reality exposes the truth about the Muslim Brotherhood more than any other society. The Brotherhood‘s experience in Sudan is often referred to as the “complete crime of political Islam.”

Throughout their presence in Sudan and within the ruling regime, the Brotherhood, if not entirely, sought to empower themselves within all state apparatuses more than addressing the needs of Sudanese society or solving its problems. They controlled the entire state structure—economic, military, and political. No political forces other than them exist in Sudan. Furthermore, they monopolized industries, imports, exports, and held all key leadership positions.

According to Suleiman, Sudan has not witnessed any significant development, social movement, or political change throughout these decades. The people’s uprising in September 2018 and the overthrow of al-Bashir‘s regime, which represented a decisive blow to the Muslim Brotherhood in Sudan, are the best evidence of this.

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