The Plans of the Electronic Brigades of the Muslim Brotherhood to Tarnish the UAE

Informed sources have revealed the issuance of instructions by the leaders of the terrorist group the Muslim Brotherhood to its active elements on social media platforms, to spread rumors and lies about the United Arab Emirates.

The sources stated that the terrorist group is attempting to tarnish the image of the UAE by issuing fatwas calling for attacks on the EAU.

In this regard, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Brazil, “Ahmed Ali Al-Saifi” (a Brazilian of Lebanese origin), published an urgent statement on the “WhatsApp” platform as follows: He pointed out that the fatwa issued by the World Islamic Union, calling for the necessity to confront the state and boycott it due to its fight against Islam and Muslims, and its support for the Zionist entity, also called on the scholars and religious leaders of the country to confront their leaders and advise them, and to seek to urge them to stop opposing Muslims and to unify their ranks against the Israeli enemy.

He also claimed that the state’s leaders do not follow the teachings of the true Islamic religion and violate Sharia law, renewing his call to the Arab and Islamic nation to boycott the state and Emirati goods.

The sources added that the terrorist group uses “electronic brigades,” groups of members affiliated with the group who receive funding, training, and guidance from its leaders abroad, to spread false and misleading news on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and others, and to incite chaos and protests against the UAE state.

Campaign Objectives

The sources indicated that the terrorist group aims, with its negative electronic campaign, to create a climate of discontent and resentment, and to promote the UAE’s allegations of its support for the Zionist entity.

The source concluded that the electronic brigades affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood have received instructions to stir public opinion against the United Arab Emirates and to revive calls for demonstrations and escalation.

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