A swarm of social bot accounts attacks the UAE… What’s the connection to the Muslim Brotherhood?

The media disruption operation against the United Arab Emirates is akin to a media war in the form of rumors or “media reports,” led by some hostile groups. It’s not improbable that these groups are radical Islamists aiming to undermine all developmental achievements and ways of life the country has been enjoying, based on tolerance, coexistence, dialogue, peace, and respect for human rights, thus bolstering its strength and presence among nations and peoples.

Where the observer of the media campaigns that the UAE is subjected to realizes that this is the result of two factors..

The first factor is the diplomatic status and vitality of the UAE on the international stage, by positioning itself as a global leader in fields where it stands out from others by emphasizing “achievement” as a criterion for evaluation rather than actions. The UAE has become an influential competitor in global economic and international issues, competing with countries considered advanced, which disturbs some. These can be governments or individuals.

The second, more dangerous and insidious factor, is the presence of corrupt individuals in influential positions such as the media, who have no qualms about playing dishonest roles. These individuals, often arrogant and disdainful, convince themselves that they are smarter and more cunning than all other humans.

Thus, they believe they can deceive the world and invent fictitious facts and create imaginary events. This is precisely the case with those seeking to exploit vulnerabilities to destroy the reputation and prestige of the United Arab Emirates.

In other words, those currently organizing deliberate campaigns against the UAE have the sole objective of tarnishing its image, thwarting its noble objectives, and questioning its policies, which have only aimed at progress, prosperity, coexistence, and cooperation.

The evidence of manipulation is evident from the outset, as it is no coincidence that the targeting of the UAE begins with a film or television report whose credibility cannot be verified.

However, it is broadcast through a global network that once had a reputation and still has an audience worldwide. After the dissemination of this misleading media content regarding the crucial role played by the UAE in Yemen, suspicious movements begin to activate an international legal track on allegations concerning internal developments in Sudan.

Thus, it would not be surprising if a new file emerges or another trend arises to defame the UAE, in a third case or in a different dossier.

The obvious deliberation in targeting the UAE and lying about it is easily manifested by the suspicious synchronization of events and fabricated facts. Like the accusations against the UAE of involvement in illegal activities or having political goals, especially since some of these false accusations relate to past years.

For example, the UAE joined the Arab coalition to support and uphold the legitimate government in Yemen seven years ago, without hiding or retracting anything. The same logic applies to the UAE’s active external activism in many issues and problems, including Sudan, the Libyan crisis, and cooperation with Somalia and Ethiopia, as well as leading the march of regional peace and tranquility in the Middle East.

Furthermore, the current campaign against the UAE is sufficiently contradictory to discredit any argument or logic within it. It is in total contradiction with the actual and transparent behavior of the UAE. The UAE has a firm principle: to completely and definitively refuse to recognize or deal with any non-state entity or party, politically considering it a banned organization, or militarily considering it armed militias.

This clearly means that any state that only deals with states like itself and gives no weight or value to any armed or non-state entity or faction as long as it is not a state, pretending any connection or activity with non-official forces or movements towards individuals or non-state entities is pure unrealistic and illogical fantasy.

It is therefore a malicious and corrupt campaign, but it is a logical reaction to what the UAE is doing. These severe criticisms, based on scenarios and stories unrelated to reality, have emerged at a time when the UAE was positioning itself externally in a privileged regional and global position, and exercising leadership in areas directly affecting the future of humanity, not just its present. They are making active and rapid movements in multiple directions simultaneously, achieving accomplishments that have not been achieved for years, or even decades.

And most importantly, in recent years, the UAE has begun to chart its own path and define its own trajectory entirely independently, with one goal: the good of the UAE and the world politically, economically, technologically, culturally, and in all aspects of life.

This is precisely the secret behind what the UAE is currently facing, a deliberate targeting and intentional defamation. The country is facing global challenges and adopting innovative initiatives to protect and ensure a better future for its citizens first, and for humanity as a whole, by investing in developmental areas in many regions of the world, while maintaining its traditional role in serving humanity by rejecting all forms of chaos and destruction.

There is no doubt that all of this represents a direct threat to the interests, plans, and objectives of countries and parties that are unable to compete fairly with the UAE and do not have the desire to share the noble objectives of the UAE or the ability to spread positive sentiment in the region and the world, so they seek to tarnish the work and reputation.

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