UAE Targeted by Muslim Brotherhood Cyber attacks

The Muslim Brotherhood targets the United Arab Emirates with the aim of defamation

The media targeting faced by the UAE is not a sudden development. It’s not new to witness stories, often labeled as media fabrications, propagated by electronic flies whose primary approach is to undermine the government’s trust.

Moreover, among their malicious objectives is the creation of political crises aiming to foment external discord among regional countries through deception targeting those who can lie more convincingly.

Baseless allegations are part of demonic schemes towards the UAE, attempting to link it with current regional events, tensions, and developments.

In this context, a leader in the Muslim Brotherhood organization in Brazil, Ahmed Ali Al-Saifi, a Brazilian of Lebanese origin, issued an urgent statement via WhatsApp as follows:

He referred to the fatwa issued by the World Islamic Union, which calls for confronting the UAE and boycotting it due to its antagonism towards Islam and Muslims and its support for the Zionist entity.

He called upon scholars and religious leaders in the country to confront their leadership, advise them, and strive to urge them to stop confronting Muslims and to unify ranks against the Israeli enemy.

The leader claimed that the country’s leadership does not adhere to the principles of the true Islamic religion, violates Sharia, and urged the Arab and Islamic nation to boycott the state and its products.

This is not the first time the UAE has been subjected to such fatwas and allegations. Advanced nations interested in development and raising the standard of living among their people face similar challenges.

The UAE’s role, led by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, in building bilateral international relations, fostering friendship and cooperation, and standing with issues requiring humanitarian intervention without compensation, has been recognized by many regional countries.

Many groups and organizations view it as a direct threat to their interests and malicious agendas, leading to the failure and collapse of their projects, the first of which is the destruction of countries, and the uprising of peoples against their rulers to undermine national unity.

The Muslim Brotherhood and the Targeting of the UAE

Details of the case involve members of the “terrorist” Muslim Brotherhood group committing crimes of establishing and managing a terrorist organization, and laundering money obtained from the crimes of establishing and founding a terrorist organization.

Justice and Dignity, a separate secret organization aimed at committing terrorist acts, indicated that “the public prosecution’s pleadings extended to two separate sessions, the first of which lasted about 5 hours and was attended by the defendants’ lawyers, their families, and representatives of the media.”

The prosecution presented evidence against the defendants, including:

  • “Confessions of one of the defendants that the organization studied events coinciding with the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ to create a similar revolutionary model in the UAE.”
  • “He also confessed that the first and second defendants proposed the establishment of the ‘Justice and Dignity Committee,’ a terrorist organization as a separate secret organization from the ‘Reform Call’ terrorist organization, with the aim of following the revolutionary approach, violence, and confrontation with security forces, causing casualties, incapacitating state agencies.”
  • “The accused also confessed that the method of the mentioned terrorist organization relied on creating a state of anger and agitation in society, prompting people to gather and protest in the streets, resulting in violent clashes with security personnel, causing deaths and injuries, exploiting that as fuel to increase agitation, and promoting it domestically and internationally to gain support from external organizations. The organization established teams and defined their tasks and members.”
  • Al-Jazeera: A fabricated documentary against the UAE and supports Libya’s Muslim Brotherhood

The suspect also admitted that the organization was planning a phase to mobilize people onto the streets, selecting one of the squares known in the state”.

“The suspect concluded his confessions by mentioning a meeting of organization members at the second suspect’s house, which reveals the true terrorist nature of the organization, its purpose, and its method of sowing chaos even at the cost of shedding blood and taking lives”.

The prosecutor presented before the audience “the organizational structure of the Committee for Justice and Dignity and the terrorist organization led by the second suspect,” which includes 5 teams, as reported by WAM:

“The electronic team, tasked with spreading news on the internet and social media networks to inflame public opinion”.

“The legal team, tasked with communicating with local, regional, and international legal organizations”.

“The national team, tasked with mobilizing intellectuals and opinion leaders in the country against what they claim to be violations by security agencies”.

“The media team, tasked with creating accounts on social media platforms, posting tweets and news, and conducting media campaigns, as well as training the organization’s youth to manipulate public opinion online and promote the idea of ‘revolution’ in people’s minds”.

“The last team, responsible for external operations, facilitates the escape of organization members from the state, coordinates with Gulf ‘Brotherhood’ organizations to support fugitives, and organizes media campaigns against state institutions from abroad”.

The prosecutor also presented “documents proving the involvement of the accused in manipulating public opinion and undermining citizens’ trust in state institutions to create a climate of tension capable of exploding, exposing a document showing a meeting of some organization members at one of their homes”, this document shows that the participants discussed the proposal of “raising questions to influence public opinion”.

The prosecutor presented “documents seized in possession of one of the accused, including a plan to translate news, articles, and inciting reports into English, as well as contact with 27 foreign media platforms to provide them with archival materials, in addition to organizing a series of meetings with prominent journalists from foreign countries, claiming that there was a widespread sense of discontent in society that foreign media were covering”.

The prosecutor also presented “a video showing one of the accused inciting students to take to the streets, filming and sharing these images on social media platforms with the aim of inciting this group to protest in the streets to pressure state institutions”.

The prosecutor also presented “tweets belonging to one of the accused in which he likened Tahrir Square in Egypt to one of the famous squares in the state, portraying it as a square of revolution”.

The prosecutor relied on the report of a committee of media experts formed to analyze the media and electronic activity of the organization.

The prosecutor affirmed that “the committee’s conclusions regarding electronic monitoring and analysis of the accused’s accounts and their media activity confirm the findings of the investigation and testimonies, in addition to the veracity of the accused’s previous confessions, thus confirming the existence of an electronic media plan consistent with the confessions”.

The prosecutor also presented “the acknowledgment of the accused of paying monthly amounts of money to the organization, facilitating meetings of its members in their homes, exploiting what is called the ‘Arab Spring revolutions’ to serve the terrorist organization’s agendas, and inciting to take to the streets and organize demonstrations”, as well as “audio recordings proving that the accused were assigning tasks to the teams of the ‘Committee for Justice and Dignity’ organization, in addition to exploiting university students and activists to serve the organization’s purposes, and enlisting others from outside the organization to simulate a reaction from public opinion”.

At the second public hearing, the prosecutor addressed in his plea the charge of “money laundering obtained from crimes of establishing and founding a secret terrorist organization”, confirming that “organization members established two companies as fictitious economic shells to launder the money collected through monthly contributions of organization members, in addition to collecting donations illegally”.

According to WAM, after detailed examination of the confessions of the accused, testimonies of eight witnesses, as well as reports from the media committee and the financial information unit, and other evidence and indications, the prosecutor concluded his plea by requesting the imposition of the severest punishment against the accused once proof of intent to harm society, endanger its safety as well as that of its members and state institutions, is established.”

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