The reason the scalp itches… Beware of fungal infections

The Central Association of German hairdressers has said that the movement of the scalp has several causes, the most prominent being the dehydration of the scalp.

The dehydration of the scalp is caused by repeated washing of hair and repeated use of the hair dryer.

The Association added that the movement of the scalp is also caused by sunlight, seawater and the water of the chlorinated pool.

She explained that the dehydration of the scalp can be countered by using a nice shampoo rich in moisturizing materials such as vegetable oils or herbal extracts in order to calm the agitated scalp.

Olive oil is also an effective solution to combat droughts and itching. To this end, a few drops of olive oil are put on the scalp, left all night until it takes effect, and then rinsed in the morning.

Another reason for the movement of the scalp is the sensitivity of certain active substances in hair care and palliative products, which can be verified by a doctor’s sensitivity test. At the outset, the products used can be abandoned and replaced with a non-additive.

Fungal infection

In addition, pruritus may indicate that there has been a fungal infection, for example. In this case, pruritus is accompanied by other symptoms such as erythema, the appearance of anthrax and scalp dandruff.

This requires prompt consultation with a dermatologist, taking into account that the scalp is not scratched, otherwise the fungi will penetrate deep skin layers, paving the way for secondary bacterial infection.

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