The Renaissance dam between the stalemate in negotiations and Ethiopia’s stubbornness

Ethiopia reported that the Renaissance Dam
will start generating electricity
for the next 12 months,
because of the rising of tensions with Egypt and Sudan,
especially after recent negotiations stalled between the three country
due to the conflict over filling and operating rules
which Ethiopia considers that the dam is necessary to achieve economic development
and try to fill it in an estimated short time of two years
for producing the electricity in 2021
while Egypt considers it a vital threat
since the Nile is a source of more than 95% of the irrigation water and the drinking water of the country,
and it confirms that it has historic rights to the river under the deals of 1929 and 1959
which give it 87% of the Nile’s water and the right to approve irrigation projects in the source countries.
It could lose over a million jobs and $ 1.8 billion a year
besides to $ 300 million in electricity
if the dam is filled in a this short period
and the reservoir had to be filled in seven years.
Will negotiations help resolve the crisis or will the parties resort to settlement?

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