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The sinking of the Rubymar ship in the Red Sea sparks controversy on Twitter… What’s the story?

Since mid-November, Houthi militias have begun piracy operations in the Red Sea, targeting ships passing through the Suez Canal on the route of global trade, a clear threat and acts of piracy carried out by terrorist militias supported by Iran under the pretext of supporting the Palestinian people in the Gaza war.

The situation has escalated to targeting merchant ships passing through the Red Sea, the latest being the merchant ship “MV Rubymar”, which the Houthi militias targeted with an effective missile, resulting in the ship’s sinking.

Details of the “Rubymar” ship sinking:

In a statement Sunday evening, the U.S. military confirmed the sinking of the “MV Rubymar” ship after being hit by a missile fired by the Houthis in the Gulf of Aden, posing environmental risks. The U.S. Central Command released a photo of the cargo ship targeted by a ballistic missile by the Houthis in the waters of the Red Sea off Yemen.

The ship appeared submerged in the waters of the Red Sea. The Central Command warned of environmental and navigational risks. The ship is a cargo carrier owned by the United Kingdom and flying the flag of Belize. Water was slowly seeping inside the ship since the unjustified attack, carrying approximately 21,000 metric tons of ammonium phosphate sulfate fertilizer that the ship was carrying, posing an environmental threat in the Red Sea.

Environmental catastrophe in the Red Sea:

Yemeni political activist Wadhah Attiya said, “What is the position of countries supporting the criminal actions of the Houthis that have led to the destruction of the marine environment.”

He added on the Twitter platform: “What is America’s position towards its allies of unstable countries that harbor the Houthis and make their territory a transit point for Houthi service?”

He emphasized that some ships hit by the Houthis contained chemicals such as ammonium phosphate sulfate, these materials eliminating oxygen from the water, resulting in the extermination of marine organisms that fish feed on. With these criminal acts, the Houthis destroy the environment and deprive tens of thousands of fishermen of cheap livelihoods.

As for Fahd Ibn Dhieb Al Khalifi, he believes that the Arabian Sea, off the coast of Hadramout, is seeing a very large number of shrimp deaths. Is this the result of the leakage of toxic fertilizers from the “Rubymar” ship targeted by Houthi terrorist militias?

He added: “An environmental disaster is beginning to appear on the shores of the Arabian Sea, the Houthis will not hesitate to use anything to strike the Arabs and serve the Iranian Safavid Zionist regime.”

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