“The Taqiyya” is a book that reveals the Muslim Brotherhood’s game in French politics.

The Muslim Brotherhood in France poses a threat not only to the structure of society but also to the governing system. They infiltrate all sectors and institutions: educational, medical, political, executive, and others, with the aim of dividing French society alongside other steps that seek to dismantle entire European communities. This is what the French author of Algerian descent, Mohamed Sifaoui, reveals in his book “The Taqiyya.”

As a result of a long investigation spanning several years, and monitoring the development of political Islam in French society, Sifaoui attempts in the pages of his book to answer several fundamental questions he posed himself: Who are these Islamists? Where did their ideology come from, carrying with it destructive harm and danger to nations and peoples? How were they able to control the levers of power in French society and manipulate the minds of some of its citizens? Finally, how can we confront the wave of the Muslim Brotherhood within the state and society in France and other European countries?

In his introduction, Sifaoui explains that the term “Taqiyya” in Arabic, which he used as the title of his French book, literally means “caution” or “fear of revealing what is inside a person’s beliefs and others to protect oneself.” He uses it to refer to the Muslim Brotherhood‘s game of recruiting followers and undermining the core of French society.

At first, they introduce themselves within social strata as moderate Muslims who follow a moderate religion, seek peaceful coexistence with other religions, and respect differences of opinion and ideas. Once they reach minds and influence their owners, a phase begins where they show their true intentions to achieve larger goals.

According to the Algerian-French writer Mohamed Sifaoui, the terrorist organization of the Muslim Brotherhood seeks to divide societies around the world, especially European ones, with the aim of seizing power not only in Arab countries but also expanding their ambitions to the continent through local councils and municipalities.

Sifaoui revealed in his book “The Taqiyya” that the Muslim Brotherhood is trying in various ways to penetrate European society through organizations, parties, institutes, and French universities, which represent gateways for them to enter Europe.

The French writer of Algerian descent pointed out that the organization has already penetrated French society and is exercising its methods to pressure Paris in political decision-making, noting that their game is to penetrate communities through local council gateways.

He also pointed out that the Brotherhood, lacking the ability to take power in France, gains influence within the Muslim community in Paris through Brotherhood organizations they fund, such as the “Muslims of France” organization and elected local officials.

According to the book, “The Brotherhood commits daily regular attacks against French values by fueling hatred and the rights of religious minorities and promoting the term Islamophobia.”

It is worth noting that the Brotherhood has invested in France in anti-racism associations, penetrated municipal councils, and reached elected officials, academics, and journalists by following the strategy of double-dealing characterized by lies. In addition, they have developed strong economies by spreading the Halal market, which is popular among all Muslims in France.

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