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Threatening the Stability of the South… Yemen’s Brotherhood Resorts to a Service War – Why?

Yemen's Brotherhood Resorts to a Service War

In recent days, the city of Aden, the temporary capital of the legitimate government in Yemen, has witnessed a state of mobilization and incitement aimed at organizing popular protests under the pretext of protesting against the power outage. The hours of power outage reached around 20 hours per day before improving to half of that later.

The Brotherhood’s Plans

The Southern Transitional Council accused some factions of fueling public anger and directing it towards the council, whether within the government or the Presidential Council. The Southern Transitional Council hinted at the involvement of the Islah Party (the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood) in mobilizing and inciting the masses.

Yemeni reports revealed that the consecutive crises are intentionally caused by Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik, in coordination with the Islah Party’s network. This places the people of Aden in the face of a service war imposed by the government, in collaboration with the Islah Party, to weaken the southern region.

In response, the executive body of the local leadership of the Southern Transitional Council warned of the consequences of the service war and the policy of starvation against the people of Aden and the southern population in general. 

What Does the Brotherhood Want?

Wadah bin Attia, a Yemeni southern analyst, states that the Brotherhood-affiliated arms are attempting to direct the protests against Aden’s governor, Ahmed Hamed Lamlas. This is despite his efforts in all service and developmental fields in Aden, where he exposed instances of corruption and dysfunction. The Brotherhood perceives that the governor’s continued presence obstructs their aspirations to undermine the Southern Transitional Council.

He adds that the governor’s continued tenure presents an obstacle to the Brotherhood’s ambitions. Currently, the Brotherhood is launching well-funded media campaigns from its media outlets, utilizing its significant financial resources, to attack the State Minister and Governor of Aden. This is an attempt to target him after the group failed to defeat him through its various wars, sometimes by a service war, and other times through bombings and assassinations.

He further states that the south will not tolerate the conspiracies of Prime Minister Maeen Abdulmalik’s government or the Brotherhood, which hides behind the Islah Party.

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