Title: Political parties in Al-Jawf open fire on the Muslim Brotherhood… Details

Yemeni parties have launched an unprecedented attack on the (Al-Islah) party, the arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen, following its call to the province’s residents to attend a festival to be held on Wednesday under the title “Unity of the Republican Rank.”

The political parties and forces in the Al-Jawf province of Yemen issued a statement condemning the call by the (Al-Islah) party to the province’s residents, as it considers itself the only legitimate authority in the province.

In their statement published by (Aden Al-Ghad), the parties stated that the (Al-Islah) party deliberately confirmed that the invitation was under the sponsorship of the Muslim Brother Sultan Al-Arada, instead of placing the festival under the patronage of the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council, Dr. Rashad Al-Alimi, as per the established protocols and laws.

The political parties urged the province’s residents not to respond to this festival which divides the republican rank and to rebel against the decisions of the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council concerning the appointment of Hussein Al-Awadhi as governor of Al-Jawf to date.

The political parties called on the Chairman of the Presidential Leadership Council in their statement to take more decisions to remove those whose corruption within the legitimacy has been proven, who have failed and corrupted in recent years.

They also asked Sultan Al-Arada not to interfere in the legitimate decisions of transferring power in Al-Jawf and to stand equidistant from all political and social forces in Al-Jawf.

In conclusion, the political forces in Al-Jawf province hoped that all Yemeni parties would prioritize the interest of Yemen and the establishment of a state with power and wealth sharing as the key to solving all of Yemen’s problems.

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