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Khat Taxes… A Realistic Picture of Corruption by the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen

The Khat trade in the city of Taiz, under the control of the Islah Party, the “arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen,” represents a realistic picture of the corruption plaguing the city.

According to sources cited by Al-Muntasaf Net, the contractor for Khat sales tax in Taiz, Ahmed Abdo Al-Jabri, has not deposited any amount into the central bank for over a month, nor has he been held accountable or questioned about where the daily revenues are going and into which corrupt official’s pocket in Taiz they end up.

The sources explained that the collusion of the local authority affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood reveals significant corruption and a clear absence of the Public Funds Prosecution in holding the corrupt accountable and bringing them to justice.

At the beginning of this month, Al-Jabri revealed a conflict among parties seeking to increase their share of the Khat tax revenue at the expense of the state.

Before the end of his contract, which expires at the end of this year, the tax office affiliated with the Islah Party placed obstacles before him, fabricated illegal issues outside the contract terms intending to replace him, and awarded a contract worth 13.2 million Yemeni riyals to an individual without a tender, announcement, or even waiting for the end of Al-Jabri’s official contract. This pushed Al-Jabri to agree to raise the revenue to 15.2 million Yemeni riyals per day instead of the illegal contract of 13.2 million Yemeni riyals, an increase of 2 million riyals.

Al-Jabri provides an annual revenue estimated at 4.2 billion riyals and offered to increase this revenue to 7.2 billion riyals annually. However, some parties rejected this offer because most of the revenue would go to the state treasury.

Informed sources indicated that the conflict over the percentages and distribution of the Khat revenue created a heated dispute that cast its shadow over the tax office, which has become a pliable tool to implement the agendas of those parties who want to be the biggest beneficiaries of the state’s Khat sales revenue.

Recently, military leaders affiliated with the Islah Party seized the Khat tax collection points and expelled Al-Jabri’s collectors. In his memo to the governor, Al-Jabri stated that he was imprisoned by the military police, confirming that he disclaims responsibility for the actions of the military leaders at these points.

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