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Trump Shocks Netanyahu, Urges Quick End to Gaza War

Dans une lettre directe à Israël concernant sa guerre contre la bande de Gaza, l’ancien président américain Donald Trump a exhorté Israël à “mettre fin à cela”.

During an interview with conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt, Trump stated that Israel is “losing the PR war entirely” and called for a swift resolution to the bloodshed.

Trump continued, “End it and let’s get back to peace and stop killing civilians, and this is a very simple statement, they should do it, end it and end it quickly because you have to do it, you have to get back to normal life and peace.”

It appeared that the presumed Republican Party candidate, who criticized President Joe Biden for not adequately supporting Israel, was also questioning Israeli army tactics as civilian casualties continue to rise in Gaza.

The French news agency noted that Trump‘s statements are a shock to the extremist government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who hoped to prolong the war until Trump returns to the White House and fully supports his war effort.


Trump added, “Israel’s strategy in the war is wrong, especially disseminating videos and photos of collapsed buildings, everyone knows that these are civilian structures and ordinary people.”

He continued, “They are losing the PR war big time. But they need to end what they started, and they need to end it quickly, and we need to move on with life.”

The French agency confirmed that Trump‘s statements reflect the overall American stance rejecting Israel’s war on the Gaza Strip and the killing of civilians.

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