Tunisia and the Assassination of Brahmi: A “Brotherhood Trick” Causes Case Delay

A new development has emerged in the case of the assassination of former Tunisian MP Mohamed Brahmi, in which the Ennahdha movement of the Muslim Brotherhood is accused of being behind the opponent’s elimination.

In an attempt to delay any decision that could convict the Brotherhood for Brahmi’s assassination, several defendants refused to appear before the criminal court. Additionally, one of the defendants, Abdelraouf Talbi, requested to change his lawyer, leading to the case’s postponement.

In response to these requests, which some considered a “Brotherhood trick,” the criminal court specialized in terrorism cases at the Tunis Court of First Instance decided to postpone the case of the assassination of Mohamed Brahmi, leader of the Popular Current Party (nationalist) and former MP, who was shot dead on July 25, 2013, to next November.

Who is Talbi?

  • Abdelraouf Talbi is a doctor who worked in a private clinic.
  • He joined Ansar al-Sharia in 2012.
  • He was treating terrorists in Mount Chaambi.
  • He helped smuggle Brahmi’s killer after the assassination.
  • He was sentenced to life imprisonment for the assassination of Tunisian politician Chokri Belaid (assassinated on February 6, 2013).

After reviewing the progress of some preparatory measures and the requests of the various parties involved in the case, the court decided to postpone the case to next November.

Details of the Assassination

On July 25, 2013, Mohamed Brahmi was hit by 14 bullets in front of his home in the suburbs of Tunis, 6 of which penetrated the upper part of his body, and 8 hit his left leg, in a shocking incident witnessed by his wife and children.

The shooters were on a motorcycle and used a 9mm pistol. Investigations revealed that they were “terrorists” belonging to a group called Ansar al-Sharia, which is banned, namely Aboubakr al-Hakim and Lotfi al-Zin.

Brotherhood Links

The Ennahdha movement of the Muslim Brotherhood is accused of orchestrating the assassination of the opponent.

Imen Gzara, a member of Mohamed Brahmi’s defense team, stated that this political leader and Chokri Belaid “saved Tunisians from the most dangerous terrorist elements in the world.”

She added that “the secret apparatus of the Ennahdha movement planned the assassination, while Ansar al-Sharia executed it,” pointing out that “security services, agencies, and the judiciary were involved, directly and indirectly, in these assassinations.”

She also revealed “the involvement of several parties in the assassination,” holding them responsible “for not reacting positively to the American warning and the intelligence document.”

The document contains a warning from the CIA about a potential attack on Mohamed Brahmi, dated July 15, 2013, just 10 days before Brahmi’s assassination.

Former Tunisian Interior Minister Lotfi Ben Jeddou had previously admitted that the ministry was informed in advance of Brahmi’s assassination, possessing a document from a foreign intelligence agency 11 days before the incident.

Gzara indicated that “a formal accusation has been brought against 33 people in the case of the Ennahdha secret security apparatus, including the movement’s leader, Rached Ghannouchi, for belonging to a terrorist organization.”

She affirmed that “the investigating judge at the judicial pole for combating terrorism has brought 17 charges against 33 people, including belonging to a terrorist organization and money laundering.”

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