Turkey makes a million Syrians thirsty

The thirst of Syrians because of Turkey
Turkey and its affiliated factions threaten almost a million Syrians with thirst
after controlling the water in the city of “Hasakah”, which is under the control of the self-administration “Qasd”
and whose population is composed of Muslims, Christians, Arabs, Kurds and Syriacs
Muhyiddin Esau, Syrian journalist based in Germany:
« If the United States and Russia do not move to make pressure on Turkey and stop the political blackmail, the Syrians will be dead from thirst”
So how and why?
In 2019, when Turkey and its affiliated Syrian opposition factions occupied
the city of Ras al-Ain, in the northeast
they simultaneously occupied the “Alouk” station, which supplies the city of Hasakah with drinkable water
In fact that more than million people living in the city was in the hands of Turkey and its mercenaries
For more than 20 days, Turkey and its affiliated factions cut the water to the residents of Hasakah
to make pressure on the Kurds and the rest of the components who refuse the Turkish occupation of the region
due to its colonialist and colonial policies.

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