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UAE, A name of gold – Half a century of achievements

Over the past century, the UAE has emerged as a major regional power in the Middle East, developing vast areas of desert with Emirati people and leadership, and becoming a paradise and a bright spot in the Middle East and the world. Over the past decades, the UAE has become a magnet for millions of tourists every year and a major industrial center, rather than relying solely on oil and gas.

51 Years of Achievement

Over the past decade, the United Arab Emirates has become a center of innovation and development in the Arab region, according to the American “About Here” network. Foremost among these achievements was Dubai’s winning the bid to host Expo 2020. In the 154th session of the International Bureau of Fairs in 2013, Dubai was declared the host of Expo 2020 after its victory over rival bids from Turkish Izmir, Brazilian São Paulo, and Russian Ekaterinburg after three rounds of closed voting. The UAE became the first Arab and Middle Eastern country to host the exhibition in 2020, and the international event is a 100-year-old platform where many of the world’s most important inventions were unveiled and launched.

The newspaper added that the UAE had well-planned to catch up with developed countries and the UAE launched its first space agency in 2014, with the goal of launching a probe to Mars. Upon announcing the exciting project, Sheik Mohamed Bin Rashid, the UAE prime minister and ruler of Dubai, tweeted that the UAE hopes to send the first Arab spaceship to Mars, and to sign a deal with NASA in 2016, with whom the country will work side by side to achieve their goals to reach Mars. It added that she was declared the most generous country in the world after being classified as the most generous country in the world for two years in a row, and that the UAE contributed 1.26% of its gross national income to development assistance, according to data from the Development Assistance Committee of the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, followed by Sweden with 1.09% and Luxembourg with 1.06%, and that the UAE also appointed a Minister of Happiness, Ohood bint Khalfan Al Rumi, as the first Minister of Happiness in the UAE in 2016, and bears responsibility for using her powerful position to promote and sustain happiness and positive throughout the Arab country. The network noted that the strategy of artificial intelligence was also launched. The ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohamed Bin Rashid, announced the launch of the first artificial intelligence strategy for the United Arab Emirates in 2017, with the idea that the Emirates would be the first of its kind in the world to make the United Arab Emirates the first in the field of investments of artificial intelligence in various sectors, including transportation, health, space, renewable energy, water, technology, education, environment and traffic. This special strategy was put in the framework of the 2071 centennial plan for the United Arab Emirates. After the launch of this plan, the 27-year-old Sultan of scientists was appointed as the first minister of artificial intelligence in the world.

Mega Projects

In 2009, the Dubai Metro officially opened in the emirate and has since provided an affordable and impressive means of transportation through the city, said the US network. It is the world’s longest fully automated metro network, with a “75 km route,” and the massive Dubai Industrial Channel was unveiled. In 2016, the Dubai Canal, a $545 million project that took three years to complete, opened the Louvre Museum, Abu Dhabi, which has been named the first world museum in the Arab world, exhibiting more than 700 artifacts and artifacts from around the world, including the Leonardo Fernière Fernière.

Next better

The United Arab Emirates has succeeded in enacting laws to protect the rights of workers and women and to promote their rights. The law places the welfare of workers at its core, thus guaranteeing a safe and healthy environment for business in the private sector. Many international indicators have classified the United Arab Emirates as the safest place in the world, according to the Gallup Global Law and Order 2021 report, and added that the UAE is considered the best country in the Middle East and North Africa in terms of adherence to the law, thanks to the absence of corruption in the state and the best civil and criminal justice offered to residents The next 50 years await further achievements from the UAE, which begins by hosting the COP28 Climate Summit, which experts have described as the most important event in the world in 2023.

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