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UAE: A Rising Power in Africa with Leading Humanitarian, Developmental, and Diplomatic Efforts

“Strategic UAE orientation to strengthen developmental relations with Africa for the benefit and prosperity of all, and support all that achieves peace, stability, and development.”

These statements by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the UAE, last March outline the goals and frameworks of UAE’s foreign policy and its developmental and humanitarian diplomacy in Africa.

This strategy has materialized into economic partnerships, developmental projects, humanitarian initiatives, and diplomatic efforts to support security, stability, and prosperity in Africa.

The UAE’s significant developmental efforts in Africa were highlighted in a report by the British newspaper “Financial Times” a couple of days ago.

The report confirmed that the UAE is a major and increasingly important source of foreign investment in Africa, with Dubai being considered the New York of many Africans today.

The newspaper quoted a UAE official stating that “total investments in Africa amount to $110 billion,” reflecting “the country’s commitment to promoting sustainable development and growth across the continent.”

The UAE official emphasized that the country’s engagement in Africa, from trade to food security and counterterrorism, aimed to “promote a prosperous future based on mutual benefit,” as Abu Dhabi has signed dozens of investment agreements since 2019 with countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

The British newspaper also quoted Georgetown University professor Ken Opalo, who said that “the UAE has always been among the top four investors on the continent over the past decade.”

Figures, statements, and agreements confirm that the UAE is investing in Africa’s prosperity through vital infrastructure projects, diplomatic, humanitarian, and developmental cooperation, and expertise exchange in renewable energy to boost economic and human development, which is being increasingly felt by African nations.

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