UAE – Mohamed bin Zayed Orders Airlift for Morocco Earthquake Relief

UAE President Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed has ordered the dispatch of an urgent airlift to transport relief aid to those affected by the Morocco earthquake and provide various forms of support, according to the UAE news agency WAM.


The agency added that “the UAE President’s initiative comes within the framework of the strong brotherly relations that unite the United Arab Emirates and Morocco, to enhance its efforts in facing the crisis, and to embody the country’s approach of solidarity and support for brothers and different peoples of the world, especially in difficult circumstances.”

On his part, Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister of the UAE, and Ruler of Dubai, “directed all the rescue and ambulance teams at Dubai Police to quickly provide all the required assistance to their colleagues from the rescue teams in sisterly Morocco, and to extend a helping hand to our brothers in rescuing the victims of the earthquake that struck various cities in sisterly Morocco,” according to the UAE news agency.

تضامن عربي ودولي مع المغرب بعد الزلزال المدمر

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid also “directed the Mohamed bin Rashid Global Initiatives Foundation and all its affiliated charitable institutions to quickly provide all types of aid required for the affected, and to start preparing an airlift to transport relief and food supplies, as well as shelter materials, to help contain the impact of the earthquake and alleviate the suffering of our brothers in sisterly Morocco,” according to WAM.”

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