Unbelievably… He received a $1.4 million traffic violation

He must have been dizzy after receiving a speeding ticket with a fine of $1.4 million, but officials in the state of Georgia, USA, say that the number is merely a placeholder and does not represent the actual fine amount.

Conner Cato told the local TV station WSAV that he received the fine after being stopped for driving at a speed of 145 km/h in an area where the speed limit was not allowed to exceed 9 km/h.

The man contacted court officials, thinking there was a printing error, but the response he received told him that he must either pay the fine or appear in court next December.

Savannah officials say that anyone caught driving at a speed exceeding 56 km/h over the speed limit must appear in court to have an actual fine set by a judge.

Officials clarified that the number Cato received is nothing more than a placeholder, rather than leaving the fine amount field blank.

Speeding fines do not exceed a thousand dollars in addition to any state-imposed fees.

Officials told WSAV that the court is working on adjusting the wording of fine notifications to avoid confusing situations like this in the future.

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