Under the supports of Ghannouchi…The Union al-Qaradawi is like a cancer damaging Tunisia

The Al-Qaradawi Union in Tunisia directs its weapons against the opposition,
especially the names that demanded its exclusion from the country
The terrorist union incitement comes from former Muslim Brotherhood Minister Noureddine El Khademi
who appealed for the use of force
to separate the sit-in that the Free Destourian Party organized in Tunisia 6 days ago
in front of the headquarters of the Union, demanding its closure and the dissolution of all its suspicious bank accounts
The union that is under popular pressure for its closure
turned on an ideological fortress to incite against the president of the Free Destourian Party, Abir Moussa
and a number of lawyers and journalists in Tunisia
Abir Moussa says that the brotherhood don’t want to establish a state of institutions
and that they are a shame for the Tunisian state and civilian gains
that are founded by the former president Habib Bourguiba
Tunisian parliamentarian Mabrouk Korchid said
that the brotherhood are the main sources of inciting violence
and that the Al-Qaradawi Union is a center that teaches extremist ideology
and its presence is contradictory with the public orientations of educational programs in Tunisia
while Al-Qaradawi Union proposes religion courses that contradict what the Tunisian state has been proposing since 2012
and it is considered by many observers as a training and production center for jihadists
who confronted the Tunisian state in numerous terrorist acts

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