Qatar tricks the world via aid and directs its funds to Hezbollah

Despite the great scandal that has revealed the relationship between Qatar and Lebanese Hezbollah; the Doha regime remains on the path of terrorism, exploiting lies to hide its several crimes.

A new lie

Qatar is exploiting its relationship with the Lebanese people and promoting its aid and false charity campaigns, every time it takes a new discussed step. A few hours ago, Qatari websites celebrated the fact that Doha sent two Qatari forces planes arriving in Beirut, which transports two fully equipped field hospitals; each has a capacity of 500 beds, to the areas of Tyr and Tripoli, after the areas of Al-Roum and Geitaoui, to provide support and assistance to the Lebanese government in its response to the epidemic of the Coronavirus. They also showed that it is following Qatar’s directives, Sheikh Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani.

Indeed, these planes equipped with field hospitals were not sent to the Lebanese people, but they were sent as aid to Hezbollah in the country. They were actually transferred to affiliated organizations to prolong provocative relations between the two parties.

This comes at a time when Coronavirus is spreading in Qatar because of the weak health system in the country, as well as the high number of people affected, but the government is hiding this reality, and a few days ago, Lebanon thanked Qatar for supporting it during the pandemic, when the Qatari people and foreigners in Doha are in urgent need of this help.

False aid

Since the vast Beirut explosion, which occurred in early August, Doha has sought to exploit this issue by increasing Qatari aid promotion and its charitable campaigns in Lebanon to make relations that linked them with the institutions and the people to obtain the Lebanese appreciation.

Among these aids, it appears what the Embassy of Qatar in Beirut affirmed, by publishing that, following the directives of the Emir of Qatar Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, emergency aid was sent to the Lebanese Republic, and it arrived on Sunday 8/16/2020 at Rafiq Hariri International Airport. A series of humanitarian aid is sent by the Qatar Red Crescent through two air force planes, and is accompanied by a relief team containing many Red Crescent staff and volunteers to contribute with rescue operations for helping those affected by the explosion.

Previously, recent events were similar to the regime, and Qatari press, with the support of the authority, was promoting the celebration of the send of 5 planes to Doha, under the leadership of Tamim ben Hamad Al Thani, transporting medical aid and supplies; and two fully-equipped field hospitals with a capacity of 500 beds each and equipped by respirators, materials and foods, and the medical equipment necessary to treat the injured due to the explosion, as well as the Emir of Qatar donating 50 million riyals to Beirut on purely Qatari funds.

Qatar’s involvement with Hezbollah

In parallel with this aid, the American network “Fox News” had previously revealed that the Qatari regime was financing arms lots for terrorist Hezbollah in Lebanon, which put the lives of approximately 10,000 American soldiers in Qatar in danger, indicating that the Al-Udeid military base in Doha is the advanced general headquarters of the US central command and US Air Force troops.

This is considered an extension of Qatar’s role since 2017 in the big terrorist financing plan, and also the Lebanese organization Hezbollah is a delegation Shiite militia, created by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps in Lebanon (IRGC) in Lebanon in 1982, and classified by America as a terrorist entity, relies on Iranian funding and support, and is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American troops in Iraq and Lebanon.

And in a big scandal, German intelligence agent Jason G. (a pseudonym for fear of revealing his identity because of his exposure to danger or revenge from elements affiliated with Doha) said that he had managed to penetrate Qatari activities in support of Hezbollah and how it received military materiel through Qatari funding. He also explained the purchase of weapons in Qatar as part of a clear operation by Hezbollah, and that a member of the ruling family authorized the delivery of military equipment to the terrorist entity marked by the United States and the European Union in Lebanon.

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