Viral infection disrupts in-person schooling in Saudi Arabia

Saudi authorities have revealed the nature of the viral infection that has appeared in several schools in the kingdom, prompting officials to suspend in-person schooling for three days.

The health department in Al-Qassim has clarified the rumors about the spread of the viral infection among students and teachers at one of the schools in Al-Maznaab, stressing that there is no cause for concern.

Al-Qassim Health stated that the cases discovered within the schools are cases of the common cold and seasonal infections among students and school staff, considering the decision to suspend classes as a precautionary measure.

Concurrently, the Saudi Ministry of Health has launched a campaign to prevent seasonal influenza by administering the corresponding vaccine to prevent infection and alleviate the accompanying side effects of the virus.

Earlier, the administration of education in the Al-Maznaab province in Saudi Arabia decided to suspend in-person classes for three days in five schools in the province due to the spread of a viral infection among students and teachers.

The decision was based on a letter from the director of the primary healthcare center in Al-Khurma North, concerning the spread of a viral infection among students and teachers at the Al-Khurma North Boys’ Elementary and Intermediate School. Additionally, based on a recommendation from the distance education committee, and in line with the public interest, the following decisions were made:

First: Transition to distance learning for three days, starting from Tuesday, October 10, 2023, for the Al-Khurma North Boys’ Elementary and Intermediate School, Al-Khurma North Girls’ First Elementary School, and Al-Khurma North Girls’ Kindergarten, as well as Al-Khurma North Girls’ Intermediate and High School.

Second: Sanitizing the designated school buildings.

Third: Monitoring the health situation in the designated schools by the School Health Affairs Department.

Fourth: In-person classes will resume on Sunday, October 15, 2023.

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