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Alphalipoic acid: The health benefits of this universal antioxidant

Produced by the body in insufficient quantities to cope with multiple aggressions, this essential coenzyme deploys its prowess in supplementation, which is confirmed by numerous studies.

It produces cellular energy

It is essential for the energy production of cells and for their proper functioning (it nourishes the mitochondria, the cellular “energy plants”). It has the ability to counteract the excess free radicals that degrade them by reversing some of the effects of oxidative stress. This gives it an essential role in energy metabolism.

It prolongs the action of vitamins

While vitamins C and E, as well as glutathione, have a limited lifespan in the body, it has the property of partially recycling them, thus prolonging their effectiveness. Because it is soluble in both water and fats, its action in both environments has earned it the title of universal antioxidant.

It protects the arteries

Researchers have found that alpha-lipoic acid supplementation reduces damage formation in atherosclerosis (build-up of fat in the arteries) and supports healing of the heart after a heart attack.

It relieves neuropathies

It has been shown in multiple clinical trials to relieve pain in the feet, hands and legs in patients with neuropathy, including those with diabetes and alcohol dependence. By improving blood flow, it would also reduce insulin resistance.

Some advice before eating it

Because of its effect on insulin and blood glucose, patients should be monitored for glucose levels and the dose of hypoglycaemic agents adjusted with their physician. Not recommended for epilepsy.

Other benefits of alphalipoic acid

Eye care: it would reduce cataract formation and limit the effects of glaucoma.

Detoxification effect: it traps heavy metals.

Loss of taste and smell: It accompanies the treatment of anosmia and ageusia.

Headache: it would prevent migraine.

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